custom order sunday.

For a change of pace, all of the items featured today are still available!  Usually they get snatched up on the way to the shop via my lbf facebook page, or lately, I am happy to say you can claim each an every item featured here. :)
This weeks art (above) is based on a favorite scripture...they are all favorites really but this week, this is the one.  Original available, as well as prints (prints to come). 
You know how when you have 500 things to do, you end up doing the last thing you SHOULD be doing?  These wreaths are those things.  I have an amazing hoard of ribbon that making these (and others that were already claimed) that did not put the slightest dent in. :)
But they are happy and lovely.  Would be a great happy gift.  (each is $25 plus shipping-8in wreath)
And here is a rare treat.  An available hoho.  Adopt him over at my facebook page to the right or click HERE.  Just leave a comment on the hoho you want to claim as your very own.

Please keep in mind that this will be the only way to get hohos for the rest of the year as I am severely limiting my custom orders until January. :)
This hoho owl is available too by clicking on the link above.  I just love these sweet little birds. :)
And one more...available via the Facebook page, until I can get it into the shop. 
And finally, last weeks art is available as a print. :) You can buy it HERE in my shop. :)

Here's to a bright and happy week.  Where I get caught up on everything.  And my laundry stays done.  And all my meals are delicious and well planned out.  Where my kids get along and the coffee stays flowing.

I can dream can't I? :)
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