20 minute crafter-reindeer thumbprint ornaments

Remember the handprint snowmen from last year?
They were so cute to see as I unpacked them this year that I knew we had to do a new version this year.
Enter reindeer thumb prints! These are even easier than last years version...want to make some?
Here is what you need, from this experience I can tell you that the matte ones work a little better and make it easier to see the thumb prints. 
 You also need some little thumbs. 
From my experience last year, I learned to put the initials and date on first.
 Paint your thumb...
And press onto ornaments...I thought I would do "eight tiny reindeer"...yeah, not when I have this many to do. :)  I ended up doing 4-6 per ornament.  
Once the thumbs are dry add eyes with your sharpie...
 ...then two lines where the antlers go....
 ...then add "V"s to fill them in...
 And for Rudy add a nice red nose.   I did this with craft paint and the end of a paint brush.
 If you lower the position of the eyes you get a whole other look, one I prefer. :)
 Let dry, and you are done!

These will be cute teacher and family gifts. :)
And I will be keeping a few myself, too. :)

Have fun making these! Let me know if you do, I would love to see them!


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