20 minute crafter-ANYone can makes these felt flowers!

I've made a gabillion types of fabric flowers in my crafty life, but these are by far the easiest to make ever.  Ever.  Ever.  My five year old could make them if I managed the hot glue for him. 
You could easily make them for barrettes, brooches, ornaments, headbands, etc.  You can vary how they turn out by how thick you make the cuts and how wide the piece of fabric is that you start with. 
Clockwise from the top...the pink flower is cotton fabric and not felt (3in by 12in to start), yellow loopy one (4in by 12in) felt, orange (2in by 10) felt and the last one (3in by 12in).  I bet if you play around, you can come up with some pretty lovely combos.
 Here's how you do it.  Cut a strip of fabric.  This one is about 9in by 1 1/2in.
 Fold in half length wise.
 Cut almost to the edge in intermittent amounts.  For this flower I did about every 1/4in.
Put a bit of hot glue along the edge of the start...
And roll it up like so...kind of tightly, but don't go crazy.
Glue the other end down when you get there.
Cut a felt square a tad bigger than the back of your flower...
Cover the back of your flower with a generous amount of hot glue. 
Press the back onto the flower and trim when dry.
Flower is done!
You can add leaves by cutting out a simple leaf shape and glue to the back. :)
Glue to a barrette or pin back and you are done!
Fabulous and simple teacher gifts. :)
Add a covered button to the middle for a different funky look. :)
 Have fun makings something new!


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