I feel like I am extra behind on blogging.  Days are just whirling by in a flash...I mean it will be November in a couple of days.  While I am thankful for all the business that the costume season brought...I am happy to say that this crown was the last of dozens of orders...I'm ready for next. :) And Moses was not thrilled that this crown was not for him. :)    
I am not a studio photo person.  Ever.
But I made an exception for this gem.  Cheesy background, Moses wearing his current favorite outfit complete with a spiderman birthday ribbon and a fake apple.  How could I not buy it?
Thank you junk mail for occupying my boys for a nice chunk of time.  And I was pleased that not every toy in the book was circled.
Moses and I stole this crafty idea from Chrissie and it was a simple, easy, fun hit! :)
 I scored big at Micheal's.  Awesome stocking stuffers for $1.  Yes, please. 
ALMOST as good as the decent sized stash of Lego's we found at goodwill today...for .95.  They were still in an original box...from 1979.  Nice.
 Craft room is coming right along.  Every day I get a little done...it's coming together. 
Today was trick or treating at the mall.  I called it practice.  And it was indoors (read warm on the first time I remember SNOW in Virginia in October in a long time).  And these guys are the cutest batman and buzz ever.  Except for the fact that while wearing this costume, Aaron WILL JUMP OFF of any piece of furniture in the house while yelling "I can fwy...to difinity and beyond!!!"
 My sunny son. :)
 Art of the week. :) Prints coming soon...want one? :)
And cuteness for a friend.  :)  It's been a full week. 

Happy trick or treating!  Remember to skim off the good candy when they aren't looking!


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