insta catch up.

 Here's life according to instagram (you can find me by searching littlebitfunky).
Birthday waffles complete with candle. :) 
Birthday surprise helper.  It's harder to get a dozen huge balloons in your car with a two year old than you think. :)
 Craft room is coming right along.  I added a skirt to the desk made from a vintage sheet.
New Bible...hoping for some fresh discoveries after years of reading the same Bible in a year for years.
We had a very large bug friend visit us.  I may have screamed while getting him in the jar for the boys to see.  He was HUGE. 
 Trying to make the TV pretty is kind of a vain task. 
 Custom orders are fun.
 It does. 
I got these chairs at goodwill for $1.95 each.  They retail at Land of Nod for $80 each.  There was not a thing wrong with them except that they were covered in paint/glue/glitter...and it all came off with a magic eraser.  I've been wanting little kid chairs one for patience.

Also, WHO would pay $80 for a kids chair?
 A project in the making...
And since all of my supplies are OUT of this closet...ALL the toys are IN here.  All organized, sorted and purged.  Be still my organization loving heart. 
 Thank you $5 craft from target for keeping my boys quiet for some time. 
 Made these for dinner.  Delish the day of and the day after.
Sometimes I steal a portion of the treats I make for Doug to take to work and send some to Moses' teachers.  Just a little sunshine to brighten up a Monday.
Aaron wore his Buzz lightyear costume all day yesterday.  Including picking Moses up from school.  Everyone calling him buzz = the best day of his little life. 
 Fall is impossible to miss. 
And a finished custom order...a cute little pin cushion nestled in a vintage pyrex cup. :)

Hope your day is a happy one!  Thanks for reading!


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