custom order sunday.

Last night I dug in and finished up the last three letters on my alphabet sampler from Rosy Little Things. For a while I was pretty good at doing a letter a day...then I got bombarded (in the best way possible) with orders and I have just caught up enough to be able to devote time to my own projects again. :)
I used my own colorway and changed the letters a bit here and there...mostly the "O", which I added a flower to the center of. 
 It is FAR from perfect but I am hoping it is still all together lovely at least. :)
Some things I learned:
Use a thicker material next time.
"Disappearing" ink is a pain in the BUTT.
You are only supposed to use three strands of embroidery floss.  Something I didn't realize until half way through resulting in my sampler being in BOLD.
I hate the satin stitch.
This is a gift for my soon to be born niece.  I hope she loves bright colors. :)

This was a fun project and not something I would have taken on not too long ago but with google I was able to learn all the stitches I needed to know and may even make this again someday. 

Thanks for taking a peek!

Happy Sunday to you!


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