birthday boy!

Moses' birthday was Wednesday the 5th. 
And I am still coming to terms with the fact that I have a five year old. 
That's partly why I am writing this letter to him two days means I have to acknowledge that he IS five.  Maybe I can avoid that part.

Dear Moses on your birthday,

I really can't believe that you are FIVE! I know I say that (and this) with every age but I swear that I barely had time to blink and turn around since you turned four and now you are a whole year older.

You just went to your five year check up and were 3ft 9in and 47lbs.  You are still huge for your age.
This year you are in school three days a week with Mrs. Bruce and Mrs. Tornello.  You love school and I am always having your friends moms come up to me to tell me how much their kids LOVE you and talk about you non-stop.  I love that you are a good friend to others.

You are in what people call the "question phase" and oh man, are you taking full advantage of that stage.  If I had to guess, I would estimate no less that 40 questions an hour from you.  Some are easy to answer and some are a little tougher.  You are currently obsessed with both what Heaven and death will be like.  I am told it's part of your age to wonder about these things.  You seem to want to know everything about everything.  You get that from your dad.   

Your favorite foods are Norwegian pancakes, tacos and scrambled eggs.  The only vegetable you eat without a fight is cucumbers.  We are hoping it's a gateway vegetable.

You love legos and superheros.  You can name most makes and models cars.

You are a wonderful boy.  You are funny and smart.  You love Jesus and are compassionate towards others.  You are sensitive and tough, too.  Your dad and I are so pleased with the little boy you are and are becoming.  You just started to share a room with your brother and have been a good influence on getting him to go to bed.  You love your little brother.  You two could play "adventure" for hours on end, only taking breaks for goldfish and milk.  He calls you "mimi". 

You are a good kid.  You make my heart swell with pride.  I am thankful to be your mom. 

You have also asked, now that you are five, that we call you Austin.

I, having given birth to you (involuntarily) naturally, have the right to forever call you the name we chose to be your first name.  So while eventually others may one day call you Austin, to me, you will always be my Moses.

Love, Your mom.          
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