20 minute crafter-DIY photo canvas

First of all...I apologize for the quality of some of these photos.  I was full expecting this NOT to work so I didn't even bother getting out my real camera until the end.  It looks too easy,  but I promise that it IS easy and quick.  And the result is darling.
Want to save several dozen dollars and make your OWN photo canvas?
Do you have a printer?  Do you have a canvas?  Well let's get on it.
 First, I trimmed down regular tissue paper to standard paper size (8 1/2in by 11in).
 Then, I did my best to iron it flat.  High heat with no steam. 
I then ran the tissue paper through the printer like regular paper.  I manually loaded it to make sure it was in there right.  It worked perfectly.  I was stunned.  And still not using anything to document it other than my phone because I was sure this would all fall apart at any moment.  I gathered my mod podge and a foam brush.
Then I put a thin coat of mod podge on the canvas...
...gently laid my tissue paper over the canvas and quickly centered it...then working from the inside out...ever so gently pressed the tissue down and pushed the bubbles out towards the sides.  Work QUICKLY but carefully.  All the bubbles and wrinkles will come out. 
Keep working until you get them all out...when you are done trim the edges.  The tissue paper will allow the lovely canvas texture to peek through. 
 When that is done...gently add a light layer of mod podge on top.  BE GENTLE. 
 Allow to dry.  And you are done!!! Wasn't that easy?
The result is a wonderful photo canvas that is pennies on the dollar...I'm thinking the total cost is around $1.50 or so (I bought a dozen 8 by 10in canvases from Michaels for around $10 with a coupon).

I can't wait to try this again with a black and white photo...or for Christmas gifts! 

I'd love to see if you try this!  Have fun!

P.S. I have an InkJet printer. :) 

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