here's my progress on this project...      i
and r.  I try to make time to do at least one letter a day and I have been doing pretty good with that goal.  I am hoping that once it is all done that the combination of all of them together will had all of my flaws in embroidery skills.
And the boys sleeping in the same room?  Well, if I had known that it would be this easy, I would have done it long, long ago.  I only had to go into their room a couple of times the first night to tell them to cut out the whispering and last night only once.  And the mornings have been just fine too!  They still stay in bed until the clock reads 7:00am. 
Since it seems that it will stick...I made an initial purchase for my new space...above you can see the wood that will be my new desk. 
Let me just say, that if Doug were there for this...it would not have happened.  He hates it when I MAKE things work like this.  I barely had room to get it in my CRV...the front of the wood touched my rear view mirror and I could barely close the back hatch.  I won't even mention the number of "men" who walked by me in lowe's trying to get an 8ft by 4ft piece of plywood off the shelf and onto my cart to get cut...(it was just Moses and I) but I am sure that number is nothing compared to the number of men who walked by me in the parking lot trying to get this beast in the car. 
Sometimes stubbornness is a virtue.  Because I did it.  And then we went through the Chick-fil-a drive through.
And finally a little before and after for you. :)  These hohos are some of my favorite to make.  You can purchase your own keepsake hoho from the shop. It's a great way to put to good use a favorite baby outfit. :)

Hope your weekend is a happy one!

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