more new.

Can you stand to see more new things?
I had a HUGE spurt of productivity yesterday and managed to get all of this done in ONE day...crazy what you can do when inspiration works with time and everything just flows.
And you have cereal for dinner.  But that is neither here nor there.
Above is an adorable OOPS.  Meant to be an iPad case but ended up too small.  Instead it is perfectly sized as a Nook case or can hold a couple of diapers and wipes.  If you would like to claim it you can for $20 plus's nice and padded and once I make some for the store they will be higher in cost.   Just email me! :)
And here is my robot hoho...or robohoho!!!
Available as a custom can choose the color circles you would like! :) ($20 plus shipping)
 And my hoho elephant! I can barely stand how cute he is!  And he's got a little knot tail too!
($20 plus shipping)
And I apologize to my son in advance for this but he was the only model I had access to...
Here he is modeling the princess Leia hat I just finished to go with...
 ...this princess Leia costume!!  Cute and cozy...made from warm fleece for cozy trick or treating.  The belt ties on.  Available as a custom order only (each piece $15). 
It may be wrong but it's SO very cute on him.
And only cost me one small piece of chocolate.

See something you want? Email me. :)

Stay tuned...I have a really fun giveaway coming up!  You guys are the best!


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