happy Friday!

Just wanted to share this photo...it's the first I've been able to take in the daylight of this project and shows all the happy colors a little better. :) I'm hoping the wrinkles and puckers will come out when I frame it. 
 I think this H is my finest work yet. :)
I went to Joannes and bought gobs of fleece and satin to work on some Halloween costume orders.  I was most excited about making this hat...I basically looked at the standard fleece hat for kids (that you can find in a million places) figured out how to make my own version...looked at a photo of Yoda to get the ears right and paid my little model an m&m to wear it for a photo. 
There are a million and one patterns and tutorials out there to make Yoda hats but I didn't want to step on any toes so I was careful to make up my own patterns. 
You want to know the really funny part?  I have never ever seen the movies.  I did go to half of one in high school...but the girlfriend of one of the people we were with had to leave early for curfew so we all left. 
I don't know if it's the cuteness of the model or what...but I think I did a pretty good job. :) If you need a hat to go with your costume this year...email me...I could easily turn this into any number of animals.

And...just a little side note....the TLC website Parentables featured one of my tutorials...go on over HERE to check it out!

And I just wanted to say...if you stop by to read my little blog...if you leave a comment or share something here with a friend...or email me little things you think I would like...or send random things to me in the mail...I am thankful for you.  This blog and the people who participate in it are a huge part of my happy life and I am so blessed by it because of all of you!  So thank you!
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