go baby!

Let's talk about instant gratification.  Both in product and in choice. 
I recently got a go! baby fabric cutter.  Honestly, it was one of those things that I put in my cart and took out again...stalked sales to see the prices...in and out of the cart...in and out of the cart.  I went on like this for months.  And let me just tell you...I'm SO happy to finally own one! :)
I was afraid that, being a novice at quilting, I wouldn't be able to either utilize what it could do OR that it wouldn't be useful for me because I am not a "real" quilter.
I was wrong.
And now I am in love with it.
As soon as I got it opened I NEEDED a project to do with it that would give me instant gratification in my new little friend and assure me that it is worthy of taking up precious space in my crafty area.
Potholders.  Perfect.  Potholders would allow me to test it out and give it a go AND finish a project.
In an hours time I was able to chose fabrics, cut out the desired shapes and sew and quilt and bind. 
Cutting with the go! baby was even easier than I thought it would be...I was expecting to have to really CRANK it but all it took was some smooth, easy turns and I had all the shapes I needed for this project...shapes that before would have taken me hours to cut perfectly and would have still come out imperfectly. :) I cut and arranged...
Sewed them together in rows...and then sewed the rows together...ironed it flat and then made a mini quilt sandwich with the top pieced layer, a layer of heat resistant batting and a backing.  I then did a simple "stitch in the ditch" between the rows. 
To determine a proper size I used my hand to give me a rough idea...8in by 8in seemed to be a good fit. 
I trimmed it down to that size...
and rounded the edges with a mason jar lid being used as my template.
Before I knew it, I had two cute potholders that just needed some binding. 
I cut some contrasting strips in two inch by 22in lengths. 
And this is how I cheat at  binding...putting right sides together of the binding and the back of the potholders...fold down a 1/2in hem...
...sew that down all around your potholder...
...when you get to the end again you fold down another small hem...lock the stitch in place. 
...flip the pot holder over...fold the binding in half even to the edge of the potholder...fold THAT onto the top of the potholder...
...like so.  Sew in place.  You will have to adjust as you go around to make sure it stays folded and in place.  Or you can make binding like a normal person would, but I wanted INSTANT gratification, remember?
Add and hanger and YOU ARE DONE!!
I made these in an hour!! Wouldn't they be a great gift paired with a cookbook or shiny new pot?

I can't wait to see what else I can make with my new friend. :) If you go to their site and sign up for their emails HERE...you get access to a bunch of fun patterns...maybe I'll give one of those a go next. :)

Bottom line is...I am happy to own one...it's going to make my life a little easier and save me loads of time.  Not to mention the years of arthritis in my hands that it may save me from! :)

Do you own one?  Leave me a link in the comments so I can see what you made!

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