chain reaction.

I put the boys in the same room today.
Up until this moment they each had their own space.  And I really liked that.  Really, really liked that.  But.  My business has continued to grow much further and wider than I ever imagined it would.  Last year I made more sewing than I would have using my college degree.  It's so crazy to me.  I am so thankful to be learning and using my skills to help my family out AND I get to be with my boys full time.  Lots of HUGE blessings all wrapped into one.  
I felt like it was time to put them in the same room together, which fits them both comfortably and get my studio space back.  I spent three hours this morning moving and hanging and arranging and cleaning to get them both in there.  And they seemed excited about it.  I am praying the transition will be smooth.  I am grateful that we got to chose this idea and it wasn't chosen for us.   
 And this my new studio space.  Where every single crafty thing I own will live.  I plan on putting that big white desk under the window and using it as my cutting table.  To the left of the window I plan to build a desk along the whole wall and two or three shelves that will go the length of the wall. 
I think we will sell that couch...and put a huge set of shelves that we already own there.  Want to see why this is all very necessary?
Here's my number one storage space.  I have rearranged and reorganized this spot in every way under the sun.  There is just NO WAY to do it better.  I promise.  Organization is my thing.  The shelf is full to the ceiling.  There is a set of shelves on the left that mirror those seen on the right...those are probably even more full.  You cannot see the floor.  Once I move ALL of this into my new space...all the toys will live in here. 
Here's another hiding spot for things...behind that skirt are crates full of fabric and supplies and my printer.  The printer, my computer and sewing machine will all stay where they are but everything else will go upstairs.   
Here's another spot...those crates have saved me...each that you have seen is FULL of supplies.  That filing cabinet under the desk is full of patterns. 

I also have things hiding:
under my bed,
in my closet
and half of my linen closet. 

Once all of it is united in ONE spot there will be space freed up ALL over the house.  I would be lying if I said I wasn't excited about it. 

All of this will inevitably cause a mass organizational effort and purging of every corner of my house.  Because I know myself.  I have just set off a major chain reaction. 

And it will be awesome. 

Have a link to a favorite craft room?  I would love to see it. 
Got an idea that you think is brilliant for this kind of space?  Please share!

I can't wait to show you photos of the finished space!

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