This "something five days a week" thing is KILLing me. 
We have been busy.  And going. 
I have gotten up an hour before the boys every morning to *try* to catch up to life...it does not seem to be working. 
Regardless of the crazy around us, we took some time to take the boys to a local zoo (Richmond Metro) for a day of family fun. 
The animals were so great...you could get so close...Aaron loved chatting so intimately with these penguins. :) 
 You could feed giraffes.  I did not.  That tongue creeps me out. 
 I had never seen a black and white giraffe before...maybe he is old and has gone gray?
Moses loved this little bird tent...where you could hold out a stick covered with seeds to feed the birds from your hand. 
 He would never have done this last year. :)
 And Aaron is game for anything that Moses will do.
 Another thing Moses would not have done last year...ride a ski lift over all the animal areas. 
And again, Aaron loved that, too.
It was a good day and we have a few more adventures up our sleeves for the boys coming up. 
Which is making me work extra hard to get caught up (and ahead?!).
 I finished the Yoda inspired hat and robe...and had to coax my grumpy model into smiling for me.
Aaaaand chocolate saves the day.
And this was an extremely particular, special, awesome custom order...for a soon to be nine year old who really, really, wanted this for his birthday.  Only problem is...they don't really make them.  Against my better judgement (because I really like the mama of the nine year old) I took the job.  Eight yards of satin, a few times of wanting to stab myself with a seam ripper and frayed satin covering myself and my carpet later and it's done. :) I hope the birthday boy will be pleased. :)

Custom orders continue to flow in...and I am so thankful.  Please be sure to email me with your requests just as soon as you can. :) And if you have emailed me...please know I WILL email you back...I am doing my best. :) 

Yoda, I would be happy to make for you...but please don't request anything with satin. :)

I hope your busy-ness is just as lovely as mine.
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