a bushel and a peck

I have a lot of random thoughts in my head at the moment. So stand by while they all trickle out so that I have some hope of sleeping well tonight.

Firstly, thank you ALL for all of the comments and emails.  You have all given me SO much to think about and process and pray for.  There is no way I can respond to all of the emails and comments but I wanted you to know that I read each and every word and it's all going on my plate to think about.  I really appreciate your input and assurance that homeschooling CAN be done in a very GOOD way. 

The bottom line is that I am willing to do whatever I think is best for my children and this wouldn't be the first time that I've done something to protect them from something that people think I am being ridiculous over. 

Case in point...today I ran a marathon of errands and my boys were in tow...and good as gold for the most part.  I rarely take them on more than 1-2 errands at once and today we hit six places.  By the time we got to the grocery store, our last stop, we were all trying our best to get done what needed to be done so that we could get home. 

We got our groceries and got in line. 

I start fumbling around for the key thing-a-ma-bob that gets you the deals in the store and I happened to look over to see where Moses was and found him eye to eye with a magazine featuring a nearly NUDE Kim Kardashian (I DO NOT care if that name is misspelled).  I seriously did a double take because I thought she WAS nude.  I immediately turn the magazine backwards in it's place.  The cashier is still standing there with her hand out for my key thing-a-ma-bob...now with an attitude after seeing what I had done.  The trashy magazine was not harmed and there was no one behind me in line. 

Moses proceeds with questions about why he can't look at that magazine?  I kindly ask the cashier to proceed with scanning while I looked for my STUPID money saving key chain.  I give Moses a brief explanation about how ladies should cover themselves and it was not appropriate for anyone, let alone a four year old, to see a woman he is not married to that naked.
The cashier looks at me and ROLLS HER EYES and lets out a huff.  Basically mocking me.  
Moses of course continues to ask questions and we continue our discussion on the matter because I believe that, if possible, you address an issue right away before it has time to take root.  The cashier's attitude is tangible.  I did not care.  I was never rude to her but I was not going to let her treatment of ME to effect how I parented my boys. 

I am that mom who turns the magazines featuring soft porn backwards on the stand.  I am the mom that refuses to walk past Victoria's secret with my boys (any of them) because of the practically nude photos in the windows because I feel it is my job to form gentlemen from little boys and to do what I can to not give the enemy a footstool into their minds.  I am very protective over what they see and fill their minds with. 

The point is...there was an issue (even if that moment was minor), I had a gut reaction in how I was supposed to address it with him, and regardless of how snotty my cashier was going to get with me, I was going to parent my child the way I felt was right.

And I want that gut reaction with home schooling. 
And I won't care who gets snotty with me about it. 

I (Doug and I) just want to know that I am doing right by Him.  

I appreciate you.  Thanks for sharing. 


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