boys. end of summer.

We are taking advantage of these last few days of summer.
It's getting tough now that we have something to do five mornings out of seven.  For me, that is tough...I have thoroughly enjoyed those toddler days of lazy activities scheduled around naps and bed times.  Summer, I have a feeling, will become even sweeter to us. 
On the flip side of that though...I LOVE having older children.
I am SO very thankful for this new season of life.  I feel like the last few years of babyhood and toddler hood have been survival years for me.  Tough, tough years.   
I've said before that it has taken me having kids to realize that I am not a baby person.  Not that I don't adore tiny parts and the special time that is having a newborn...but these last few months with older (able to communicate) kids I have really felt like I have hit my stride...I am well is less crazy with older kids.  Not EASIER but I feel better equipped for the stage we are in now...more so than the tiny person days.  I am grateful for the experiences but looking forward to each new day with these growing little me.
Here's what we've been up to lately... 
We found a special place about 30 minutes outside of Charlottesville..
It's a creek...full of rocks to throw, wildlife to seek out, sticks to hit things with and water to play in...basically everything that a little boy could ask for.
 These photos are from when we went there a few weeks ago... was a fun time.  We saw snakes and crawdads and frogs.  The boys were thrilled. 
 A wonderful FREE time with family building forever memories.
 Moses continues to be the funny guy...
 and hoho fills the crazy/naughty position pretty well. 
 We've learned that Aaron will eat ANYTHING on his plate for a mini-ice cream cone.
Moses LOVED going to the dentist again.  LOVE loved.  Like screamed "I"M SO EXCITED" when I told him he had an appointment the next day.
 You never know what superhero will show up to a meal.  Even super heroes need their super foods.
Hoho had his first day of "hoho school".  It's really just the childcare that is provided while I am in a Bible study but hoho LOVES it and calls it hoho school.  So we go with it.  I almost didn't do it this semester due to already being busy so many mornings a week already...but hoho was broken hearted at the idea of no hoho school so I'm doing it.  Maybe God wanted me there?
 Moses also goes to the Bible study childcare...which is better than most Sunday school classes that I have seen so they are both getting some great stuff out of it.  And it's free.  Wonderful and free.  How awesome is that?
 We go on a lot of family dates...sometimes in search of food...
...sometimes in search of adventure. 
Today we picked up Moses from school and went back to our little creek...
Moses was thrilled with the surprise.  Virginia is back to being my favorite again...80's well into September and sometimes October if we're really lucky. 
This barn lives on the way to the creek...these kinds of things are all least anywhere that I have traveled...Virginia Tech fans seem to be everywhere.  My favorite part is that if you tried to pull this off in Blacksburg it wouldn't stay up overnight without being painted over. 

It's my favorite thing about Charlottesville...the loyalty to Hokies. 

We've had some good good days lately...trying to pack in as much as we can before Winter traps us in the house for a couple of months. :)

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