baby shower.

This weekend I had the honor of throwing a baby shower for two of my sister in laws...they are expecting within a couple of weeks of each other. 
It was a simple and sweet little shower...mostly immediate family with a little extended family thrown in.
I started out with a woodland theme but every avenue I started down with that seemed to fall I ended up with bright and colorful...easy enough to do with all the materials I already had in hand. 
This simple bunting was made from a thrifted book bought with the sole purpose of being cut up and used for crafting purposed. 
Instead of a traditional guest book I opted for these...printed out trees where the guest use their finger prints to make leaves on the tree.  These can be hung in the new baby nurseries.  I had originally set out to buy one off of etsy...but the costs were CRAZY...some well over $50-$75.  I'm pretty pleased with my DIY results. 
 Party favors were red velvet cupcakes in a jar with the best cream cheese frosting I have ever had.  :)
 Some dolled up toothpicks and my ribbon table runner.
 The two expecting ladies looking way better towards the end of their pregnancies than I ever did at any stage of mine. :)
 Doug's aunts adding their "leaves" to the trees.
The diaper wreaths I made and the spread...the menu included:
Ginger meatballs, cheesy sausage dip, cucumbers and herb cream cheese, peppers and ranch served in individual cups, cheese cakes baked in single serve jars, carrot cake and chicken salad. 
I originally had the idea to have the guests decorate onesies but honestly I have never seen that come out well...usually the mom to be ends up with onesies she would never put on her kids.  So my idea morphed into this...I prepared the materials ahead of time and we made a set of bibs for each mom that numbered one through twelve.  The moms can take a monthly photo of their new baby wearing that months bib to document the age and growth.

The guests got to trace and cut out numbers from fabrics that already had iron on adhesive attached.  Now, not only do the moms have a ton of bibs but they have an easy way to commemorate each monthly birthday!  I think it was a hit!

It was a good time...there aren't many events where we can all be together so it is extra fun when we can!  I'm blessed with really great in-laws and even though we are all very different from each other, we all share the same goal of having a strong, close family unit and that makes all the difference.  

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