new headbands! :)

I'm doing things a little differently to see if it makes my life less or more crazy. :)   
Instead of having them up for grabs style you can order headbands of your choosing...

These are all the options for headbands at this time. :) 
There are still a very limited quantity of each style and once they are gone, they are gone! 

To place an order please email me ( with your choices both the name of the fabric and letter choice (for example--julia-a, sari-b, etc). If your choice is sold out, I will let you know.  Please also in your email include your paypal email so that i can send you an invoice. :) These are considered a custom order so there will be a bit of a wait until your order is created. :) 

They are $5 each (plus shipping) 
and will be paired up with coordinating elastic of my choosing. :) 

Thank you and happy Monday!!

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