easy kiddy art lesson

I took art in some form or another my entire school career.  Starting in 6th grade all the way through college...if I think about it, it's kind of interesting that I didn't end up with some sort of Art degree or another.  I sold my first painting at 19 to my college art professor and it's taken me from then to about the last month or so to realize that I AM an artist making a living from my art.  I AM an artist.  It's a scary thing to say out loud because in my head it opens you up to people saying "ummmm, no you're not". 
Anyway...I have this deep need and desire to pass all these artsy skills down to my kids...I have to find a balance between artist and mom...the artist in me wants to teach technique while the mom in me wants them to have fun and we are learning to do both.
 After our last date with watercolors and me repeatedly saying "Fill the whole page"...because that is what every art teacher says...I thought this little lesson would show them WHY that is a good thing. :) Plus, I buy them real watercolor paper to use and I don't like seeing it go to waste.
 I started by taping off our first initial onto a piece of paper. 
 Then told Moses that he had to cover all the white on the page and showed him how.
 Something seemed to click for him and he spent 30 minutes happily filling in every corner.
 I taught him about blending colors and how to make them darker or lighter.
 He worked happily.
 And this one tried. :)
 But just look at the chubby hand holding the brush!  That's worth something right there. :)
 When he was done I pulled off the tape to show him what he had created. He was actually shocked and surprised.
It was a good lesson.  And everyone was happy.  And no paper was wasted. :)

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