don't make fun of us california.

We had an earthquake today. 
An EARTHQUAKE.  In Virginia.  The epicenter was 33miles from our house.  It was a 5.9.

I'm just now recovering from the adrenaline rush of it happening...realizing what was happening and then frantically running to get my kids who were napping in their rooms on the second story.  Only twice in my life have I had so much adrenaline running through me...and both times ending in a baby being born. :)  

Never had it ever occurred to me that it would happen here.  In Virginia we are used to things we can see hurricanes and snow storms.  Earthquakes are another thing all together and I would be happy to never see another.  Thankfully we are all OK with no damage to anyone or anything.  God's hand is good.

I started this morning with an early morning call from my dermatologist.  Another emotionally crazy moment in my day...I had a mole removed last week...and the results from the test came back abnormal...pre-cancerous abnormal.  In the small moment of the phone call my emotions went from panic to gratefulness in God's hand in my life.  Thankfully it had all been removed so I should have nothing further to worry about...but was told that that it was very good that I had it removed when I did.

God is so good.

And to think...just yesterday I was wondering if my situation was forgotten to Him...if I was forgotten by Him.  I begged Him to show me that He remembered me.

I got it God.  You never forget.

Just no Earthquakes next time.  OK? 
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