beauty in all places.

i've been distracting myself with pretty things and projects. 
you know...distracting myself from STILL waiting to move home. 
just that little thing you know. 
i'm still going strong on the hoops...and i have a million more ideas...
this is the only one not spoken for.
they have been scooped up as quick as i can post a photo.
and i love that...scriptures that are speaking to people...
and will (hopefully) continue to do so.
this one is an itty bitty one.
inspired by a favorite song.
as it this one...
it will be hard to ship this one off.

and there is this project.
a sweet new friend asked me forever ago if i could make her some memorial keepsakes from her dad's clothes for her kids to cuddle and snuggle with and remember him by.
it was the most precious custom order i have ever made.
i hope they are loved for years.
i'm also working on new headbands for the fall.
is it just me or does burlap scream fall?
and this photo from our trip to NJ (taken by one of doug's cousins).
this will be printed and framed.
it is THE most precious photo of all the ones taken...such a sweet moment.
i will love this photo forever and show it to aaron one day when i tell him all about his great pa.

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