i turned 32 today. 
and it feels just right. 
i'm in a good, JOYful place.
i am blessed with three wonderful men in my life (one big and two little.
they've spoiled me rotten this week.  (we do birthday WEEKS in this house). :)
we got a dozen cupcakes from my new favorite bakery in charlottesville.
we ate one that day and then i put them in the freezer to eat at our leisure. 
i LOVE frozen cake.  is that weird?
we got my all time favorite meal from another local place. 
i could eat this every day of my life (which would probably be a much shorter life but hey, i didn't say it was my favorite healthy meal!)
doug took the boys to the dollar store and let them pick out gifts for me.
do they think i like chocolate or what?  the yellow bottle is pineapple scented bubbles. :)
just one of the varieties of yummy cupcakes i've been enjoying. 
they've all been so pretty. 
glitter on a cupcake?  who knew.
these two are my biggest blessings. 
these tiring, crazy little people are my absolute favorites.
moses pushed really hard today to go buy balloons and noisemakers.
he was vary confused about why we didn't have a party. :)
and this guy? 
i am blessed that he is good to me year round.  
he's never been one to save it all up for birthdays or special occassions. 
he let's me know he loves me every day in lots of ways.
he's the best husband ever.
i'm blessed in every way.

and moses took this photo for us. :)

and just a peek at some custom orders i've just finished up...
allow me to beg you a little?
if you are thinking that you might want to order a custom item from me for Christmas (yes I know it's early) please, please, please consider doing it now.  my time is limited and i really hate to say no and disappoint you but if you put in your order now i can say YES for sure! :)

i like to make you happy!
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