20 minute crafter-place settings/food labels

hello!  you didn't think i abandoned the 20 minute crafter did you?
well hopefully this cute little craft will make it up to you...
these sweet little labels are perfect to use as place settings...labeling food...all sorts of fun things.
 I chose to make a colorful set but obviously you can go all black...or all whatever color will match your stuff.  You can't go wrong. :)
Here's what you need:
mini chalk boards (or you can use small pieces of wood that you paint one side with chalkboard paint)
I covered the chalkboard with painters tape for painting
wooden wheels (or wooded thread spools would work too!)
a dowel that will fit into the hole of the wheel...cut into equal sized pieces.
hot glue

I found all of my materials at Micheal's and Joann's. 
 I used spray paint to paint them all...yes, all of these colors were already in my personal inventory.
I inserted the dowel into the wheel using a tiny bit of hot glue to hold it in place...then hot glued the chalkboards to the other end. :)

And that's it!  All done!

These can be used for so many things...you can spell out a holiday greeting...or write your babies age on one and photograph them monthly...write a love note to your honey on one...all sorts of fun things! :)

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