20 minute crafter-how to make a diaper wreath!

I know right?  Two 20 minute crafters within days of each other....I'm on the ball I tell ya!
These wreaths are SUPER easy.  Anyone can do it and YES they can be done in a matter of minutes.
Makes a cute shower gift that can easily be hung on a wall as a nursery decoration too!
Here's what you need:
plain diapers-I used 17 for this wreath. 
(I used 7th generation ones that I found at babies r us...they are completely void of annoying characters. :) I used size three so that if the recipient wanted to....the wreath could be used for a while before needing size three diapers. :)
craft wreath-this one was about $2...it's flat and made from some sort of wood? you could probably use the metal ones too.  12in or so.
ribbon or rubber bands
 Start by opening up that diaper...lay the wreath in the fold...
 ...fold over...
 ...PULL away from the wreath and tie it up...
(or you could use a rubber band and then tie on a ribbon)...
 ...overlap the next diaper by 50%...
 and repeat the PULL and tie.
 ...keep going all the way around the wreath in this fashion...and just in case you wonder...here is my pattented PULL technique...hike that knee up on the table and use it to hold the wreath while PULL away from it...
 When you get to the end...tuck the last diaper into the first one.
 And you are done! :)  See how easy that was? 
Now you can decorate as you choose...I prefer simple...I don't care for them being covered with all sorts of stuff but I'm sure you could pull that off too.  I just made this ridiculously wonderful and messy ribbon to attach to it and called it done. :) 

And while I won't be selling the whole combo in the shop...I WILL be selling some ridiculously wonderful and messy ribbons...there are already a few there and I can easily make some in custom colors.
 This one is my favorite so far...it sold out in moments! :)

 Have fun and let me know if you have any questions! :) 


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