a new series...

i've been thinking about starting a scripture series for some time now.
but it kept getting pushed aside because i just couldn't pin down how i wanted to do it.
then i found my ultra enormous stash of vintage sewing trims.
(found in several HUGE ziplock bags at goodwill for a hefty .95c each!).
i had hidden them away along with a stash of dryer sheets to get out that old attic smell.
then this morning it all fell together.
beautifully i do believe.
i plan on making many.
in several sizes.
each unique and special...just as a scripture should be to each of us.
this one was snatched up from my Facebook fan page.
i hope it brings lots of sunshine to it's new owner.
is it just me...or is it just HAPPY?
bright. sunshine. summer.
with a little smile.
all in one sweet piece.

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