summer awesomeness {part one}

want to be the fun mom this summer?
or at least for the day.
or every time you pull this out.
doug and i barely had this made before the boys were stripping down to play in it.
on the coldest day we have had in a while.
see hoho in the background running to the house with his shorts around his ankles to go get a swimmy diaper?
now i didn't invent pvc pipe sprinklers. 
but this one will be more than a sprinkler...more on that to come.
but for now, let me share the how-to when it comes to making a sprinkler that will make the neighborhood kids come out of the woodwork. 
here is what we used. plus a drill.  i do not know the names of any of the parts.
here is my meager description of them.  or you could print this photo and take it to lowe's. :)
a = an elbow shaped piece.
b = an elbow shaped piece with a third outlet that had thread on it.
c = an adapter that you screw into two of the b's to make it a smooth...umm...entry?
d = THIS PIECE. you need this to hook your hose into the sprinkler.  screw it into the third b.
a b and c all have ends that are not threaded.  so you can slide your pipe in.
you need five 5ft pvc pips.
we used 3/4in.
you can use any small size you like.
just make sure your other parts fit with it.
cut two of the 5ft pipes in half.
they will be the upright parts from a to b+c.
and assemble as above.
we just dry fit it together with no glue...partly so we could store it and partly to make it better for the other life we have in store for it. :)
then doug drilled holes every inch or so.
he used a tiny drill bit 1/16 maybe?
i thought it would be too was perfect.
on the top bar he did holes on two sides.
for the rest of the pipes he just drilled holes on the top.
i don't think you can go wrong.
the boys were happy to use it as a water fountain.
then they got the hang of it.
and didn't want to get out.
they could jump over.
and through.
and crawl around.
they loved it.
we could also stand it up on it's end.
they loved it this way too.
you can't go wrong with spraying water.
then moses thought we should put it over the slip-n-slide.
we had to pull them away from it.
for your viewing pleasure. :)
we paid about $18 for all the parts. 
and if you think about how much they charge for crappy character sprinklers that is not so bad.
be we aren't stopping here with has a whole other personality. 
stay tuned for more. :)
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