summer awesomeness {part two}

on the wet days of summer (the rainy kind) or in the bleak days of winter...
our fun sprinkler has another life as a little tent.
i propped it up on a set of bed lifts (the kind college kids buy for their dorm rooms)
and the boys played in it for over an hour.
therefore making it worth. every. penny.
 to make the tent i took a 60in by 83in table cloth that i got on clearance at target.
measured 31in from the center and sewed a little pocket to slide a pvc pipe for.
since i didn't glue the sprinkler together i can 1)make sure it's dry to bring it in and 2)store it.
 even playing potato head is more fun in there where mom can't see you.
 simple. easy fun.  with lots of room for imagination.
 even looking out the door is more fun if you do it from a tent.
do you see this precious moment here?
playing quietly together.  makes my heart patter.
i totally plan on letting them use this outside as just happened to be rainy the day i got it done.
the boys loved it.  and i see this getting a lot of use.

but you know what?
that's not the end of it's use.

stay tuned to see how we got one more awesome toy out of it. :)


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