in ten minutes.

i feel like i have been a terrible blogger lately.
i'm sorry.
i have lots i want to share but i am also working hard.
you know...swimming and what not.
and finally getting an iphone!!! 
but there is other stuff too...
so here is a preview of what i will share in the next few days...
i'm working on getting licensed to make and sell these wonderful pool/beach robes.
it's a wonderful pattern from Made.
and moses loves it.
perfect for the pool and much better than a towel that never stays on.
plus, off season he can use it for tub time.
interested in having one made for you?
email me at
once the license stuff is set i will be happy to create one for you.
i bought moses a skateboard at a yard sale.
we all want to be cool enough to use it.
he is adorable going up and down our little sidewalk.
resisting the urge to relocate everything in my house is forcing me to be creative with where things are.
because really.
i just want to MOVE.
more on this soon.
stay tuned for my most favorite cupcake recipe to date.
along with scrumptious pretend krispy kreme frosting.

and tonight i will be queuing up a documentary on netflix and making a mess of hot mess headbands.
i'll probably post them up for grabs on facebook tomorrow...time to be determined. :)

thank you for all of your kind words and email from the previous post.
you all are darling and i am so thankful for you. you like my new header?  :)

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