c'mon get happy.

does this wall make you as happy as it does me?
it should.
while the art has taken some time and money to collect...the bunting was FREE!
i'll tell you how in a moment.
but since i know people will ask here is where all the prints are from:
clockwise starting with the stiched art which is from little bit funky.
where i am weak print from mod memento.
God love you print from daisychic.
let's have fun today from bangbangyourethread.
ignore the rain print from daisychic.
initials in the hands print from lepapierstudio.
 so now you know where to shop...
want to make your own banner?
it's so easy that i didn't do a tutorial really.
all you do is grab some paint chip cards from lowe's (and before that ONE person says something, i have had a honest to goodness lowe's employee tell me that is is OK to take as many as i would like)
punch out a bunch of shapes of your choice.
and sew them together in a line. :)
string up as desired.
would be cute with circles or hearts or any shape really.
in a baby room? nice.

happy happy happiness.
and because it's free...when you get sick of it...it won't hurt to get rid of it.

and speaking of happiness.
you want to laugh?
go read this post by the bloggess.

but be warned...there is a little cussing (yes, in the south we cuss)in there.  while that is not my style...it's still a funny post.  i laughed-cried a few times because I WOULD TOTALLY DO THAT...though doug would never tell me not to buy something. :)

my favorite line is "this chicken will cut you!". what's yours?

also...i will be posting some items "up for grabs on the facebook page at 1:30pm. :) you can get there on the right ---------->

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