spread love.

you can get these darling free printables from kind over matter.  
complement one HERE...positive thoughts one HERE.
while you are there...take a peek around. :) pure happiness. 

be sure to check out her freebie page too...total 
inspiration to go do something nice.  right now. 

i'm tempted to print off a bunch and hang one on every bulletin board i find. 

i hope your mothers day is lovely. :) this holiday is usually a tough one for me...but this year, i am brave enough to say...my heart is healing...and God has been reminding me of all of the wonderful women God has put in my life to mother me...so many wonderful, lovely, Godly women...where there is a void...our Father fills it.  a happy heart is the best gift this year.

and though i haven't mentioned house stuff here lately...we've been busy...we put our house on the market...for sale by owner...and within 12 hours we had a showing...and the realtor said her client LOVED it...so much so that he brought his wife back the same night to show her...that was Friday...so we are waiting to hear more...so if you pray for me (and it brings my heart SO much joy to know that many of you do) could you pray for this situation...we feel we have peace whatever happens...so God's will be done...but i would love for step one of moving home to be complete. :)
and...if you would like to order a hot mess head band...or a set of minis...i'll accept pre-shop orders for a couple more days...after that the prices will be going up a bit. :) the one above is called "the betsy"...as in betsy ross...hello memorial day and 4th of July. :) 

and with that...i've already stayed up way later than i wanted to.


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