family rules.

 i love the idea of having a set of family rules hanging in the house for all to a reminder of what is expected of each member of our family...though the rules i have in mind are a bit more extensive than the usual ones you see others posting in their homes...maybe by the time my boys can really read we will have outgrown some of the rules that i would currently feel the need to include...

some practical family rules for our household:
aka things i say 100 plus times a day.

be kind.
ask ONE time.
keep your hands out of your pants.
say please and thank you.
don't say pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaseeeeee in 
hopes of getting an alternative answer. 
keep your fingers out of your nose. 
no hitting.
don't talk to mom until 
she's had her coffee.
pray before you eat.
pray before you sleep.
pray when you wake up. 
actually, keep all things 
out of your nose...
same goes for ears too. 
please allow dad to actually 
step IN the door before 
attempting to climb him.
you get nothing you whine for. 
be thankful and grateful. 
 it's OK for mom to eat hot food. 
toys are not weapons.
you may not hurt someone 
just so you can kiss them 
and make up (hoho this is you!)
say "yes, mom?" or "yes, dad?" 
and not "what?"   
babies and ladies go first.
be a gentleman.
 say "i love you" a lot.
a lot. a lot.
finish what you started.

have i missed anything?

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