20 minute crafter: dino toy into planter.

so...i wanted to make something for moses to give to his teachers...as i was thinking i remembered seeing animals similar to these made into planters for succulent plants...i think these are the perfect combo of boyish, quirky and fun.  plus, moses' favorite lessons at school this year were the dinos. :) 
 all you need are (as big as you can find) HARD plastic, hollow animals. 
spray primer
spray paint in a color of your choice
 first cut out a circle on the top of your animals...look for the biggest part to hold a plant.
i used my heavy duty kitchen shears. add a drainage hole or two on the bottom as well.
 prime and let dry.
 once primer is dry...spray paint in color of your choice.
 add fresh soil and plant your succulent (i found these at lowe's for under $3)
 you can cram a little...but be gentle.  add some stones to hold the dirt in.
 cute or what?
 the perfect teacher gift from a little boy...right?
 this one is my favorite...i just might keep him.
i found my dinos at target, michael's and goodwill. 
succulents don't mind being a bit squished. 

moses seems excited to give them...i hope his teachers love them!

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