violent rejection. or renewed motivation.

my personal goal for my quilting life was/is to make a quilt for each of my kids and each of nieces and nephews.  for some time the total number of quilts needed was four.  for a while now, i was stalled at 50% production.  HERE is moses' quilt and here is kyleigh's (my niece). 

i had plans for more quilts...i had begun to hoard fabrics for aaron and thoughts of fabrics for blake (my nephew) but had no real motivation to get on those until recently.
 my original intention was to make a traditional rag quilt...
but the more i worked towards the end...the less i liked the idea of leaving all my hard work as a "rag".
 so, like a rag quilt...i cut my fabric squares (6in) and my 
batting squares (5in) and made 109 "quilt sandwiches".
...sewed them all together and instead of "clipping" the edges...a look i felt would be too country for my taste...i used a combination of my pinking shears and pinking rotary cutter.
 i got them all trimmed and sewn together and to the point in a rag quilt where i would be finished.  but it seemed like a terrible ending to a good the wrong way to end all of the work i put into it. 
so added a binding and rounded corners.
in the end...i like the texture from the rag quilt technique but like the finished feel of the pinking sheared edges and the binding on the edge.
 i showed aaron the progress as i went...telling him the whole time that it was a special blanket for him.  when i was finally finished i was so excited to give it to him and tuck him into bed with it that night...only to have him VIOLENTLY protest it being anywhere near him or his bed.  

in the living room...he cuddled it and wrapped it around himself. 
in his bedroom...treats it like the plague. 

hopefully he'll come around.

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