let's talk dinner.

when something changes my life like this...i feel like i NEED to share it with every woman i know.  for me...this change is big, huge, wonderful.  it relieves stress, reduces work, saves money, saves time.  
it makes my husband happy and my kids happy.  it makes ME happy.    

i am NOT being paid to say any of this.  i promise. 

the bane of my existence was meal planning.  either i never did it...or when i did i always felt like it took too long, was inefficient...time consuming...a pain.  and generally, i felt like i spent WAY more on groceries on the weeks i planned the meals. 

and then on the weeks when i didn't plan...dinner was a struggle...what to make...what to make...

really i dreaded dinner time.  it wasn't easy.  or fun.  

and then the heavens opened up for me...and i found...

we started it a few weeks ago.  
and let me just tell you.  LIFE. CHANGING.

not ONLY is dinner EASY.  and tasty.  and FUN.  

you sign up...they have several meal plan options...i do the meal plan for two (any store)...you print off your menu for the week and your shopping list.  the shopping list is organized by department so i spend WAY less times shopping.   

you can choose a specific store and they will plan the menu around what is on sale.  they don't have my grocery store but even still we have saved money.  
we have eaten MORE fruits and vegetables than EVER.
each and every recipe has been EASY. 

moses has tried more new foods and LIKED them than EVER.

my super, duper, wonderful and picky husband has eaten every single dish.  
we have already found several recipes that are "keepers".  
even the dishes we don't LOVE are still good. 

i feel like we are eating BETTER, 
spending LESS 
and have way LESS stress about "what's for dinner?".

it is $1.25 per week WELL spent.  

and because i LOVE it so much and because i KNOW it will change your life too...i want to buy ONE of you lucky ladies (or gentlemen?) a three month subscription. :)

three months of not having to plan dinner.  you can choose your plan and store. 

if you win, just promise me that you will pay it forward...you know...do something unexpected for someone else. 

all you have to do to enter is leave me a comment on this post telling me how much easier this would make your life. :) 

in the mean time...head on over to e-mealz and check it out. 

i'll choose a winner on monday. :)
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