sunday sweetness.

 i finished up another sweet little baby blanket in my own round pattern...i added some flowers and a scalloped border to this one...i'm in love with these...they are very stress relieving to make as i tune out to watch a movie...i can't wait to see a photo of someones sweet baby curled up in one of these blankets...
this one is a little more petite in size than the last's in the shop now if you want it to be your baby that makes me smile by being wrapped up in it. :)

i finished day TEN of the shred this morning!!!  i am SO SO excited.  i really FEEL stronger and better and more tone.  i also tried on my new bathing suits last night and really SEE a difference.  I have lost any weight BUT keep in mind that i didn't have a bunch to lose in the first place and really feel like i am just swapping out my post baby squish for lean muscle.  my husband says he can see a difference...and really, his eyes are all i care about outside of mine anyway. 

in the "life altering news" category...i honestly can't believe that we are starting another week with no news on the news we are waiting for.  we are waiting to hear about big things...and you WOULD think that after months and months of waiting that i would be much better at it.  instead...i am just getting better at KNOWING that God is still working, even when i can't see/hear/feel Him.  

i keep telling doug that i feel like i am living on a diet of crumbs, teeny, tiny bits of encouragement that show things are moving...and why that CAN be sustaining at times...when the flow stops it is just hard to push through.  i NEED encouragement.  so as we step into a new week...i pray hard for news AND to still know that God is working even though i can't see or feel it.  make sense? 

how do you sustain yourself when you can't feel/see/hear Him?

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