random. random. random.

 do you see this kid? the sheer joy in his eyes when he does naughty.  
that's a look that says "that WAS as awesome as i hoped it would be".  

what you can't tell is that egg is in his hair, on his face and up and down his arms.  or that his brother watched in silence while he did this...or that BOTH parents were in the room while he managed this latest shenanigan.  good thing he is .01% more cute than naughty.   
this is my latest crafty conquest.
i started by learning this free pattern from roxycraft. 

then nearly talked myself into buying a whole book based on these little amigurumi figures...but had a light bulb moment instead...i realized that if i learned a basic body pattern i could add the details myself to make any animal i could want...so i started with this guy. :) i just realized that he has no ears...oops...

some answers from this post
--i am doing jillian micheal's 30 day shred. 
--yes, for days one through four you will need assistance getting up from the toilet, or going up or down stairs or doing anything quickly.  good luck washing your hair.  but that will dissolve (for the most part) by day five. 
--i am still on level one.  i tried level two at day 11 but found it to be too high impact for me. 
--i try to get it done first thing in the morning.  after coffee.  before shower.  it takes 27 minutes.  at approximately 8min and 57seconds into it every. single. day. i have to resist the urge to break down in tears.  really.  i don't know what the heck that is about but all of my emotions converge at 8m 57s and i have to push through. 

thank you for your encouragement in this area. :) 
your kind comments make my day and you really do keep me from quitting. :) 

stay tuned for my next post...where things got ugly because of my last post but 
you talked me out of quitting this blogging thing all together without even knowing it because you guys are awesome like that.  

we'll have a mclinky too so i can come visit you all...it's been too long since we've done one.  :)


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