don't poke fun.

 first of all.  posting these photos is something WAY out of my comfort zone...i don't tend to be a vain person but I am SO proud and pleased with the results of the shred thus far.  i'm on day 15 today so i thought i would share a progress photo.  i don't have a before photo so you will have to take my word that everything i point out is new/bigger/smaller/better.  okay? everything i have pointed out in the photo above was either not there or VERY squishy.
and maybe you think my results aren't impressive...that's ok too.  i'm in love with them. :)
areas of improvement:
thinner waist
thinner thighs with more muscle/less jiggle
i can see stomach muscles trying to peek through!
way less muffin top!!
very nice toning in my arms and upper body.
i have more energy and feel WAY better (who knew that was true?)
i haven't lost any weight but like i said...i don't have much to lose BUT i can tell that my mushy, squishy parts ARE being swapped out for lean and tone parts and that is ok by me. 
i am doing this with a partner who has lost 22lbs to date doing this. 
i have not changed my diet too much but since starting this 
i WANT to eat better and snack less and eat better things. 
so there it is.  my most vulnerable post to date. :) i am so happy to hear from those of you doing this with me.  i am ENCOURAGED by you all NOT to quit even though i WANT to each and every day.
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