the perfect gift.

My love language is gifts.  Do you know what yours is? You can go HERE to take a test and find out...and if you haven't read the book, I highly recommend is a great resource for learning how to best show others that you care about them by loving on them in a way that makes THEM feel loved.  It really is one of those "change your life" kind of books.  

Anyway...since gifts is my love language...I kind of delight in finding the PERFECT gift for someone.  Something that I KNOW they will love...I am usually pretty good at it (I think)...but ironically I am pretty bad about finding that perfect gift for my own husband...I think that is because his perfect gift usually involves ginormous TV's or Yankee's season tickets... 

But back to my point...when I found out that you could personalize a Flip camera with a photo of your own...I KNEW just who would LOVE one, and would never buy one for themselves.  I can hardly stand the wait to give it to the lucky recipient.  Lucky for me we will have to give it to him this week because we won't see him again until after Christmas.

This gift is for our Uncle B...and it is perfect for him because 1) he is always taking footage of our boys...with a video camera that is old enough to kill someone with...and 2)he LOVES my boys.  I am not so secretly hoping that he will shed some man tears over it...but I won't need to see the to know that he will LOVE this gift. :) 

Have you ever been given a perfect gift?  What was it?

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