define: ridiculous.

This is around the corner from my house.  
That is a duplex.  The line down the middle goes all the way down to the street.

Almost...but not quite as ridiculous as people insisting that I am not entitled 
to having and sharing my opinion on my very own blog. 

You will never read a purposely hurtful word here.  But that does not mean that I will not share my opinions.  About my life.  And my experiences.  It is after all MY blog. 

Because I share a like doesn't mean that you have to like it.

I am not a blog that tries to paint a picture that EVERYONE will love all the time.  I paint my own.  I paint a real picture because that is what I would want from others.  If I tried to avoid topics that would hurt anyone because of some individual pain then I could never talk about:
my children (because some don't have them), my husband (because some don't have great ones), my successful business, my house, my struggles, my hurt, my dreams, the fun new things I bought or the things I want, the things I make, that I want to move, that I get to stay at home, that my husband has a great job, that people hurt my feelings, that I hate where I live, that I don't want more children, that I want a craft room...I couldn't talk about my experiences or growths ever. 

It would be a pretty boring place to read and visit.  If you want that read the dictionary.

If you like real and sometimes different and sometimes the same...sometimes relate-able and sometimes not...then welcome and know that I would never intentionally be ugly.  I am accountable to too many people to ever be purposefully hurtful here. 

And I stand by my belief, that anything worth saying is worth signing your name to.  

That includes comments.  
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