curtains take two.

 All this waiting has spurred me to get a lot of projects done that I have been meaning to do...much like nesting to a pregnant woman (i am NOT pregnant)...the anticipation of something to get ready for has me in a tizzy...lots of things are finally getting done...these curtains for example.
 You might remember me making some similar ones for my dining can read about them HERE...and learn how to make them there too.
 And...these photos do them little's tough to get a good photo in the room they are hanging it since there is only one window...
 All the fabrics are from Hawthorne Threads.  I did a search for damask, red and aqua and chose a few fabrics based on the results.
 You can do these...if you look at my little how-to you will see that there is NO tricky sewing involved...and I cut the curtains on the seam making an instant straight line.

And these little guys will be heading to the shop tomorrow...after they are a little more glittered and tinseled up...and after much consideration I decided to have a cyber Monday sale. 

Starting at midnight tonight everything will be Buy One, Get One 50% off.  
50% off comes off of the cheaper item...does not apply to shipping.  Unlimited to how many items you two full price, get two 50% off.  Does not apply to custom listings that are not already in the shop...
Tomorrow only. :) 

Happy Sunday!

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