christmas gifts you can make. :)

 I know...I have been a blogging fool lately...but I have SO much I am trying to get in...that I just have just hang in there...I'm sure I will level out eventually.  For now...I thought I would share a couple of Christmas gifts I have finished up. :)  These are for my niece...
 For this first dress...I sorta used a tutorial that I found at Make it and Love it. 
By sorta I mean that I looked at it...and then did it my own way.  But the tutorial is great so use it. :)
 You are basically adding some ruffles to the bottom of a long sleeved t-shirt.  Easy and cute.
This one I made a little differently but used the same general idea...
 This one I just made a 6in wide and a 12in wide piece fabric (length depends on how much ruffle you want...2x the width of the shirt will work well)...ruffled them together and sewed them onto the bottom of the skirt.  Super easy.
 And then hair bows to match of course...
You can find a tutorial for making similar ones HERE.  
 Except I used my machine to sew it into a circle onto a piece of felt. 

And buy extra large buttons to cover HERE.

I hope she loves them...I'm always worried about being the Aunt that does this:
I will try to help with any questions in the comments. :)

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