20 minute crafter. 10 minute pillowcase.

Are you ready for another?  I think anyone would like a pair of custom made pillow cases...college students, your mom, your daughter...anyone...ENDless possibilities with any number of gorgeous fabric combos...
 Here's what we are making...and it takes about ten minutes per case.  EASY. 
 You will need two pieces of fabric:
a) trim piece 12 by 42in
b) main piece 24 by 42in

Fold the 12in piece in half lengthwise (wrong sides together) 
and line it up with the 42in side of the main piece...
 Stitch the folded piece to the main piece...right side of b will be facing a.   
When you get the end...fold a back and stitch down the seam...
 ...all the way to the end...
 ...like this see?
 Fold the whole thing in half...and starting with the corner next to the fold (side one)...sew around the edges of side two and side three...don't forget to leave the 4th side open. :)
 You're done!
This one was made for my hoho.  And he loved it! :)

I think a cute custom pair would make a great gift...you could also give them with a fluffy new pillow. 

Have fun!  I will answer any questions in the comments. 


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