yo ho ho...a pirates party for mo.

a pirate party at moses' request...
 At least the cutest pirate I have ever seen...
...who is somehow four (at least he will be on Tuesday).
I made each boy a pirate type shirt...and each got an eye patch and a bandanna.
Pirate cupcakes...
...make a happy pirate.
This one we dubbed yo hoho! :)

We had a treasure map for Captain Stinky Pete (aka Moses)...to lead him to his hidden treasure.
First stop on the treasure hunt...

There was gold along the way to keep him on track.
Found it!
Checking out the loot..."Pirates Booty" popcorn, cars, chalk...
Singing happy birthday...the first time in his life that he didn't plug his ears for it! 
 At one point Moses said "This is the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!"
 Made this mom happy.
Hoho was just pleased to have a cupcake. :)
I really can't believe that he is FOUR.  It seems like just yesterday that we brought him home from the hospital...sat him on the coffee table, still in his carrier...and said "Now what?". 

I'm afraid to blink...time goes by so fast. :)
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