what i wish...

Just wanted to share that I have had a GREAT response to the idea of doing a "What I wish I could tell you" series...so it's a go.  I can't wait to share and start healing for whomever chooses to open up. 
I am already praying that this series will be a healing start to all who participate or read...that sharing and relating can point us in the direction we need to go...that it can open doors and heal hurts and help us to start fresh where need be.  

In case you need some inspiration or clarification about the topics I am talking about you can visit Rocks in My Dryer.  She does a terrific series called "What I'd like for you to know". The only difference is that she does it openly...and I am choosing to offer the safety of anonymity.  And topics are in no way limited...this a real blog...chock full of real life.  My hope being...the author can get it all out there...still get feedback from bloggers/readers all over and get on with the healing!  Of course if you would like your identity disclosed you can do that too.

So if you are heavy with something you need to share...then pray about it...and email me if it's right for you.  (ricracandpompoms @ gmail.com)  And know that I will be praying over each and every hurt...


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