what i wish. num 2.

Welcome to "What I wish I could tell you"...an anonymous platform for bloggers to share what they don't feel free to share on their own blogs.  If you have a story/thought/ache/hurt/feeling/secret/prayer request you want to get out, feel free to email me at ricracandpompoms @ gmail.com.  You will remain anonymous to all but me unless you choose otherwise. 
I have several in the series lined up ready to go...what is amazing to me is how I can relate to so many, including today's, and at the end of the day, I really believe that the simple act of knowing you are not alone can go a long way to healing in itself. 

The author of this entry has chosen to stay anonymous.  Say hello to anon #2: 


You have no idea how close you are coming to becoming our father.  You treat your beautiful wife horribly, expecting her to do everything for you despite her being in a wheelchair.  Your daughter doesn't know the true love of a good, healthy father/daughter relationship.  If you continue to go down this route, you WILL lose your family and die sad and alone like he did.  There is nothing in this world more important than the relationships you have with your wife & child, don't continue the cycle & ruin this.  Swallow your pride, seek out help, accept that while you may be his son that you DON'T have to become him.

Want a turn to share?  Email me at ricracandpompoms @ gmail.com. 
Feel free to comment and encourage or just relate and assure.
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