julia project num. 8

 I'm a bit embarrassed at how long it has taken me to get the next Julia project done...summer really just slipped by a little too fast for me...and here we are around the corner from November...and I am on number 8...but if you have been following you will notice that I never put a time frame on this project...and that is for good reason...I know me. :)  
This project is for Casey...who sent me the yard and requested the "Flouncy Bag". 
The pattern was easy enough...except that one of the pieces called for an oval that was 4 by 10in...and didn't give you a template or pattern...which I thought was odd...and annoying.  But the rest of the bag came together easily...and I think the result is cute!

I hope you like it Casey! 

You can see the rest of the Julia projects HERE.

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