i love words.

 I have a love of words.  My home is full of them.  Prints, artwork and everything covered in words and phrases that are meant to set my mind straight and remind me of the way I should be thinking.  Some of my favorites are from Studio Mela and say things like "Be happy for this DAY is your life"...we have a custom made sign that says "Do what you have to so you can do what you want to" which more days than not reminds me to get my bum in gear. 

Maybe it's because I'm a visual person/learner.  When I was in college it was enough for me to show up, watch the slides of notes and comes test time I just had to read them over.  

Maybe it's because I love to read.  I currently have a huge stack of books on my bedside table. 

Whatever the means or reasons...I LOVE words in my home. 
Forever ago I found this tutorial at Little Blue Boo and fell in love.  I made it that day in my head and it has been living there ready to come out ever since.  Finally, months later via my Cricut and some spray paint it came to life. 
And I love it.  It reminds me of some of the reasons I am in love with the Lord. 
He is my redeemer and washes me clean. 
He is my God, there is no other.
He is a wonderful counselor and listens to my every worry.
He is the only perfect Father ever. 
He is the first and the last and my everything. 

I love having this hanging in my home where I can see it all the time and be reminded.


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