feeling brave.

 While perusing one of my favorite places...etsy...I stumbled upon Cutting Edge Stencils. I was immediately smitten by their enormous selection of HUGE, funky, stencils.  I don't know about you...but when I think of stencils I usually think "country"...or 90's for some reason.  Not the case in the selection of this Etsy shop.  I asked Doug what he thought when he got home...to which he responded "You've already decided haven't you?".  

Well, yes.  And I couldn't wait for my stencil to come in the mail.  But first I had to paint my living room...you know, for a nice new canvas. :) 
 Then it was time to be brave...to trust the vision I had in my head for wall awesomeness.  I turned on Netflix...and about an hour later I fell in love with a wall. 
 Allow me to be a commercial for a moment...only because I LOVED the stencil...it was sturdy...and since I got a little level with my stencil it was EASY.  Their directions were easy to understand and follow, even if you have never stenciled.  The edges were sharp and clear.   And cleaning the stencil-the part I dreaded the most- was as easy as running it under water. 

And the result? 
Stunning...if I do say so myself.  It makes the whole room cozy and warm and beautiful.
  For the color I used some of the "Crystal Aqua" (from Valspar-cause I know I will get asked) to tie it all together. :) I only did the one wall for now...but I am tempted to keep going around. 

Being brave paid off...don't you think? It also added a slew of new projects to my list...new curtains...enormous wall art...etc. :)

Aaaaaand I loved it so much...I am going to give one away soon...stay tuned for your very own opportunity to BE BRAVE. :) 


P.S. Click on the photos for a better view of awesome. :) 

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