random...and a discussion please.

First...does summer make you lazy cook too? 
We've been eating a lot of salads and sandwiches...or grilling.  If I do make a "real" dinner it looks something like this.  Do you have a favorite lazy summer meal?
And speaking of lazy...this is sometimes how we end our afternoons in the pool...throw in a little baby wash and you have yourself a bath.  The boys don't seem to mind...and it extends our time outside just a little before bed. 
The boys sharing a little breakfast time "dap".

We took the boys to play on UVA's campus...with their Virginia Tech football. :)
I think there will always be something about a college campus that I love...even if it's the campus of Tech's biggest rivals.  Moses, proving to be Doug's son, has been asking everyday when football starts.
And if you have never met our hoho...this photo pretty much sums him up.  Cute. Little. Stinker.  AKA a Happy Hoho monster. 
And speaking of hoho monsters...I'm working on a HUGE batch.  I hope to get them listed by the end of the week.  If you haven't asked me to reserve one for you...you might want to think about doing so...they go fast.  :)  They would make perfect gifts...because I can guarantee they won't have one. :)
And there will be PINK ones...but I won't be reserving those this go round...

And for the discussion.  I'm still on the fence about whether or not to homeschool.  Doug is over the fence and doesn't think we should...but I still want to pray and research.  Of course I would never oppose him if he says no...because I know that if we are supposed to...then God will change his heart.  For now I plan to do a "dry run" next year...since Moses birthday falls after the cut off date we could have a school year to try before it effects his public school experience.  

So this is where I want to hear from you...do you homeschool and why?  Were you homeschooled and hated it or loved it?  Why would you never homeschool?  Anything to do with homeschool I want to hear about. Ok...thanks friends!

Happy Monday and happy week! 

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