the least glamorous makeover ever.

Say hello to my least favorite room in the house.  
This is the before of my laundry/pantry/storage/mud room.

This is the room where everything lands.  I mean just look at it...there are toys, shoes, outdoor stuff, swimming stuff, paint, crock pots, linens, vacuums, never ends.  
It made me and my "must be organized and clutter free" self crazy.  And this room was in the way of my plan to get a sewing "room".  But more on that in another post. 

For now...this needed to be tackled.  And I excitedly did it for about $30. 
Ahhhh....don't those photos just make you breath better?  Or is that just my crazy?  I went through every nook and crazy cranny and purged purged purged.
My rule for organizing/sorting is that I only keep things that are useful or loved. Stuff takes time to take care of it and I have better things to do with my time than care for stuff that I don't love or need. 

About $15 went into making my new coat rack...since we no longer have a hall closet(more on that later).  I bought a piece of wood and some clearance knobs at Anthropologie...some paint and screws later and you have a happy coat home.  I also turned the shelf in the first photo on its side and stacked them to make shoe cubbies...we'll keep mittens/gloves/scarves in that basket in cold weather.
I love this...and all its imperfect randomness...
Then, without measuring, I grabbed some fabrics from my stash and made a cute curtain. :)  Anything goes in this kind of room...right?
I added a little rug to catch dirty shoes...the boys jackets and safety gear hang on hooks that they can reach.
Then I made this little bulletin board to help fill that space and cover up the breaker box.  You can see a tutorial over at Lemon Tree Creations.
But my very favorite part?  (and this is where you see just how nerdy i am)...

My favorite part are the bankers boxes that contain almost every single thing in this room.   I organized it and sorted it all.  Everything single thing that is in a box is written on the outside of the box!!!  It makes my heart happy.  Anyone can go in my mudroom and find anything. 

And that is my very short path to craziness home happiness.   


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